Each year we hold an Annual General Meeting where local residents can find out about recent projects and the priorities for the year ahead.

You will also hear more about the board members which we will vote and appoint any new board members to the team.

Current Board Members

  • Claire Hackney Ring – Chair
  • Domenico Della Valle – Acting Vice-Chair
  • Adrian Ley – Treasurer, 
  • Jim Boot – Local Trust Rep (non-voting)
  • Miriam Wilkinson – LTO 
  • Amy Hope
  • Jon Chapman 
  • Jane Dubery
  • Graham Button 
  • Brian Lawrence 
  • Stephen Holt – EBC Councillor
  • Dave Ring

Our Story So Far

You will hear from past and current grant-winners and hear more about the impact that they have made to our local community.

The Next 5 Years

You will hear about some of the plans and priorities in Devonshire West for the 5 years.

You can view photographs from our AGM here


The Seaside Community Hub, 125 Seaside, Eastborne, BN22 7NN


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Contact Us

Email: info@devonshirewestbiglocal.org.uk
Phone: 07378 972277


07378 972277