Hearing from local residents about what they want for the area is a key part of big local and it was great to hear from so many at the last Focus Group at the Hub.

Residents were asked about what kind of activities they would like and there was a focus on providing services for older people and some of the ideas consisted of Film Clubs, Lunch Clubs and Fit Clubs. There was also a discussion on how older people access financial services especially when there aren’t any bank or Post Offices in the local vicinity and some more consultation will be done around this with the East Sussex Credit Union.

Other ideas for the local park included new flowers, more benches nearby and disabled-friendly toilets.

You can view some the photographs from the Focus Groups here.

If you live in the local area then we would like to hear from you!

Our next Focus Group will be at the Eastbourne Strategic Partnership on Thursday 7th November and at the YMCA (formerly Charlies) on the 20th November at 2-4pm.