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Round 2

Our second round of funding was held in the Autumn of 2015.

In this round we funded 6 new community projects.

You can find out more about each project in the sections below.


BoHo Winter Lights Festival

BoHo is a non-religious, winter festival for all resident of Devonshire West. This beautiful event is an opportunity for all members of the community, no matter their religious beliefs, to come together to celebrate winter and the vibrant community they are part of.

The event includes a winter themed festival as well as a number of creative workshops in the weeks running up to create costumes and street decorations.

BoHo hopes to bring the community together to learn new skills and form new friendships whilst giving local people a sense of ‘ownership’ over the event.

Community Stuff

World Bread Club

Through their extensive work in the area, Community Stuff noticed that while people of all cultures and nationalities lived in Devonshire West, many mainly had friends within their own culture and social groups were often divided into groups according to language or religion.

Community Stuff’s World Bread Project aimed to bring people from different cultures together within the community, to share food and stories and create new social ties.

As well as noticing a divide between local people Community Stuff had also seen that many local peopled have lost the skills of cooking from scratch, and live on unhealthy convenience food and commercially made bread.

Knowing these two things, a project, World Bread Club, formed. They would use the simple art of bread making as a mechanism to bring families from many different cultures together to learn more about healthy eating while simultaneously integrating into a wider community.

Eastbourne Multicultural Education Project

Diwali Celebration

Eastbourne Multicultural Education Project is an organisation of local people which organises multicultural themed events in Devonshire in order to promote a more integrated and diverse community.

Devonshire West Big Local funded EMEP to hold a Diwali celebration in the area bringing together people from many different cultural and religious backgrounds to celebrate the community and find out more about Nepalese culture.

The event was held at the Blind Society and was a fun filled day with food, costumes and music.

This year’s event had 30% participants that year before, with people from all across Eastbourne attended and a number of people from out of the area attending. It drew in a wide range of people from a range of cultural and social backgrounds with the youngest attendee just 3 years old and the oldest 94!

Royal Hippodrome Theater

Architect fees

The Royal Hippodrome Theatre (RHT) is a Landmark heritage building in the Devonshire West Ward.  It has sadly been allowed to decline over time.  During the consultations that Big Local undertook the RHT was mentioned by many participants as being a key feature of the area.

The Hippodrome has plans to restore much of the building over a number of years, a plan which DWBL fully supports. With this in mind DWBL were happy to cover the fees of an architect to draw up plans for the buildings remodel.

Supporting the Hippodrome is a key part of DWBL’s legacy.

Sussex Cricket

Street 20 Project

Sussex cricket ran a number of free cricket sessions for young people, with a focus on Bourne School students, over 6 months.

They hoped to engage young people in the area to lead healthier, more active lifestyles, offering the chance to learn a new sport as well as socialize with other young people.

Eastbourne Designed for All

Toilet Scheme

Eastbourne Designed for All is a campaign that was designed to help Eastbourne to become a more inclusive town that is accessible for all.

Their research showed the importance of accessibility to toilets when away from home, for health, well being and social interactions. Having a number of suitable, accessible, public toilets would encourage people to walk for exercise, go out to social meetings, shop, attend religious or other spiritual gatherings, or just enjoy recreational areas without the concern that they may not find a suitable toilet.

This should enhance quality of life all, but especially for older people, people with disabilities and families with small children, who are more likely to experience problems finding a suitable local loo.

DWBL funded Eastbourne Designed for All to identify all the toilets in Devonshire West that could be used by the public and to mark them so that residents would know that there was a usable toilet.


New Job Opportunity

new job
4 months ago
Photos from Devonshire West Big Local's post

It was great to see so many of you at Friends Seaside Rec Family Funday yesterday. Keep an eye out for the winter edition of our community newsletter to find out more!

4 months ago
Clean Air Eastbourne

Thanks to DWBL and Clean Air Eastbourne Have built the air quality monitor which now works ok. Now all that is left is to position the monitor, overlooking Seaside ... See more

We run a network of citizen science air pollution monitors in Eastbourne. See our live data

4 months ago
Community Stuff

It's Summer Holiday time!
Community Stuff are offering free holiday activities at Seaside Rec, Eastbourne every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 1-3pm from today until 22nd August.

Are you ready for the Summer Holiday? We at Community Stuff are, we have just packed the van full of toys, bats, balls, skipping ropes, hula hoops, stilts, giant jenga, giant connect four and much ... See more

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Clean Air Eastbourne

Clean Air Eastbourne are running a FREE air quality monitor build session on Monday 23rd July, 3pm - 5pm at Devonshire Collective.

This Devonshire West Big Local funded project provides free air ... See more

We're running another air quality monitor build session on Monday 23rd July - 3pm to 5pm - for Devonshire West residents.

Monitors are used to record levels of particulate pollution, and will form ... See more

5 months ago

Thanks to Tony in supporting the Friends of Seaside rec this morning. Putting up the banners for our annual FUN DAY. Sunday 5 August