Round 5

Our fifth round of funding took place in the Autumn of 2016.

In this round we funded 13 new community projects, from play clubs to healthy eating events.

You can find out more information about of round 5 projects below.

Views From Within

Views from Within

Views from With is a project which aims to work with local residents to capture and present their area through photography. Residents of an area relate to the spaces within the area differently from non-residents – they see what people from the outside do not see. The project will capture Devonshire West from within, in photographs taken by those who know it best and then have them on display at a local gallery.

The project hopes to support people explore their more creative side whilst promoting a more inclusive and diverse Devonshire by particularly targeting people from varied backgrounds.


Animazing Exhibition

The Animazing exhibition was a two week, interactive exhibition of over 70 years of animation including Muffin the Mule, Sooty and Sweep, Thunderbirds, Clangers, Wallace & Gromit and Dangermouse. Together with interactive hands-on elements that allowed visitors to create their own characters, produce their own stop-motion animation, step into our pop-up green screen studio and much more.

The Exhibition drew in families not only from Devonshire West, or even Eastbourne, but from all over the South East, really drawing attention to what our unique area has to offer. More than 400 people attended the exhibition and all left overwhelmingly positive feedback.

With few free or low cost activities in the school holidays, events like Animazing offer families a real chance to spend time together and enjoy a day out.


BoHo Winter Lights Festival

BoHo is a non-religious, winter festival for all resident of Devonshire West. This beautiful event is an opportunity for all members of the community, no matter their religious beliefs, to come together to celebrate winter and the vibrant community they are part of.

The event includes a winter themed festival as well as a number of creative workshops in the weeks running up to create costumes and street decorations.

BoHo hopes to bring the community together to learn new skills and form new friendships whilst giving local people a sense of ‘ownership’ over the event.

Cafe Waste Not

Outside seating for the YMCA

Café Waste Not are part of the incredible edible movement. They use home grown produce as well as food that can no longer be sold by supermarkets to make incredible, delicious and healthy meals for the community. They offer these meals, for whatever donation of money or time each person feels is appropriate.

Café Waste Not have been using the YMCA Charlies facility as a base for some time and wanted to create an outdoor dining space at the front of the building to draw in more people from the community and provide a comfortable place for the YMCA residents to relax.

DWBL provided funding for Café Waste Not to redevelop the front garden area of the YMCA, installing benches and chairs as well as a number of planters to grow herbs.

Community Stuff

Cookery Stuff

Community Stuffs eight week basic cookery courses aim to equip young parents with the skills and confidence to cook affordable, tasty, nutritious food at home for their families.

Many young parents to day struggle cook basic meals, falling back on unhealthy processed foods and junk foods, which save time, but in the long term can damage health. With both adult and child obesity on the rise, Community Stuff decided to do something about it.

They hope that their work will encourage people to live healthier lives and encourage their children to do so also by leading by example.

Community Stuff

Holiday Stuff

With very few free holiday activities for children in Eastbourne, Community Stuff organised a number of fun, outdoor, family play sessions for local residents at various venues in Devonshire West  and a number of other venues over the summer holidays.

Holiday periods can be very stressful for families on a low income, having a regular activity to take part in, and look forward to can make all the difference, and provide the opportunity to relax and make new friends in their local area.

Community Stuff delivered a mixture of  three hour sessions of activities for families, and six hour sessions to coincide with specific local events with all of their activities based around the theme of ‘Things that fly’.

Eastbourne Health Champions

Taste of Culture

Eastbourne Health Champions working with partnership with a number of local groups and business organised two fantastic events in the Devonshire Ward themed around healthy eating.

The first event, held at O’Farols Portuguese restaurant aimed to introduce the Devonshire West community to some delicious and healthy Portuguese meals. They hoped that as well as introducing people to Portuguese food, the event would also be a great opportunity to introduce people to Portuguese culture, as Devonshire West has a large Portuguese community.

Their second event at Leaf Hall, in partnership with Edible Eastbourne, introduced residents to local herbs, how to grow them and how to use them in cooking. There were a number of great activities for people to try from butter making to herb drying.

The events were very successful and Eastbourne Health Champions hoped that a group of residents may be willing to take the project on and make it an annual event.

Little Stars

Little Stars play group & Mother and toddler exercise group

Little Stars are funded to run a free, weekly play group for families in Devonshire West, offering parents an opportunity to meet up and socialize and children the opportunity to play and learn together. Little Stars have also started running a weekly exercise session where parents can bring their children to be cared for in a free creche while they exercise, encouraging healthy activity and giving parents without access to childcare an opportunity to exercise.

Mindful Mums

Mindful Mums Post Natal Depression Support Group

Mindful Mums and Me is a peer-to-peer support group that will run alongside and after the NHS Post Natal Depression Support Groups aimed at supporting sufferers of Post-Natal Depression and those affected by Anxiety so they can learn coping strategies and receive ongoing support.

Once diagnosed with Post Natal Depression, new mothers are referred to their GP and in some cases onto counselling sessions with places such as Health in Mind. Once that has been established, can then attend an 8-week course, where they cover topics such as relationships, birth stories etc, these are only offered twice a year, although currently they haven’t run any course since 2015 due to staffing and budgeting cuts.

There is currently no provision for women who require additional help after the initial 8 weeks course and they are often left alone to cope by themselves.  As there is a lack of aftercare for women once each stage has been completed this often leads to further mental health issues and in some cases long-term health conditions. Mindful Mums aims to provide a safe space for young parents to their emotions and work together to improve their emotional well being.


Royal Voluntary Service

RVS Lunch Club

After the closure of the well-used Womens Royal Voluntray Service café, the newly names Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) have received funding to run their popular lunch club at Leaf Hall for older people living in Devonshire West. The Lunch Club aims to create a social opportunity for isolated older people to meet and spend time together, creating friendships through shared interests.


Seaside Steam Print

Seaside Steam Print

Seaside Steam Print is a collaborative project between artist Amanda Ribbons and the Devonshire Collective.

Together they organised a unique event where the Devonshire West community was invited to create giant lino prints using a vintage steam roller, bringing the community together to explore their creativity.

This one of a kind event attracted over 300 people and produced a number of beautiful seaside themed prints which were displayed at the local DC1 gallery & café for everyone to enjoy.

Tech Resort

Bourne School Code Club

Tech Resort received funding to continue their popular code club for Bourne School students. Tech Resort believe that digital skills for children are a vital part of preparing them for their future careers and helping move the local economy towards greater involvement in digital/creative businesses.

Tech skills are highly sought after, and provide higher paying jobs which are beneficial to both individuals and the town as a whole.  They believe it is vital that children from Devonshire Ward get equal access to those chances.

Turtle Cafe

Turtle Cafe

Turtle café is a weekly lunch club that meets on the second Wednesday of each month and aims to provide a welcoming space to people from the local community to meet others and participate in a craft, walk or local outings.

The café began in response to a need in the community for a safe and relaxed space for people at risk of and recovering from mental health issues. The care remains focused on improving well-being and reducing isolation.

The inspiration for the Turtle Café was provided by a Southdowns Housing Link Worker who realized a non-judgmental community group was needed for some of his clients. With the help of Chances4change the café took shape and has been attended by over 50 people over the past 2 years. Chances4change Seedcorn funded the Turtle Café at the end of the Big Lottery phase of the project (September 2015).

This funding is now ending and so DWBL have awarded Turtle Café funding to continue the project for a further 2 years.

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