Devonshire West Big Local ran its 7th round of Community Grants in Autumn 2018 and funded 9 new projects.

Find our more below.

Animazing C.I.C.

Following on from last year’s very successful Animazing summer exhibition at DC1, this year we will be returning with a new exhibition telling “A story of the moving image”. From cave paintings and Victorian optical toys to animation and digital green screen effects, we’ll combine items from our extensive collection of children’s television memorabilia with custom-made interactive exhibits.

This free event will offer visitors of all ages a fun and educational experience.

Bourne Academy

Arts Award project are of various levels Discover and Explore for 5-11 years and Bronze, Silver and Gold (which gain UCAS points) for 11-25 years.

Bourne School

Weekly after-school club sessions, during term time; Singing club x 30 – 35 sessions & World Music Club x 20 – 24 sessions.

Parent and child workshops after-school sessions x 6 – 10.

Resources can be used across the school by all teachers and staff at any time throughout the year, as part of the curriculum, also in other after-school clubs, for class assemblies (parents/carers invited), school concerts (parents/carers invited) etc.

Extra sessions would be necessary for performance preparation in addition to the times when performances are given in school and the wider community.


Calverley Communications


We would like to help people back to work by improving their self esteem and showing them positive ways to improve their life. 

The sessions will be based around life coaching which motivates people to see a clearer way of moving forward.

Mentoring for individuals before during and after the group sessions will be provided.

Topics will include;

Communication  – how it works and how people see you

Role play – I am able to do this and why



Community Stuff


We will be going into two sheltered accommodation homes, Riverbourne House, and Gwent Court to record the memories from older residents of how it used to be when they were children and young people. We will encourage them to dig out their old photos and we will makes copies for our show at the end of the project.. We will then be based for 4 weeks at Seaside Community Hub, recording the memories of older residents who still live in their own homes. At the end, we will edit the recordings and have an exhibition at DC1 to celebrate the project. Showing the photos alongside a bank of computers with headphones to listen to people’s memories. This project links with the current Heritage Eastbourne show Eastbourne Remembers at the Pavillion Tearooms.



Devonshire Collective Artist Network

The project aim is to create a safe and welcoming creative environment for adults to participate in a programme of
quality art projects, introducing them to local artist educators who work in different media and to the possibilities that are open to them at Devonshire Collective.
Art skills including drawing, painting, print, sketchbook ideas, different media. But not just the technical skills, most importantly the project will endeavour to enable the
group to identify their individual artistic voices and interests, to set some goals for themselves to achieve and develop.
We are not aiming to teach crafts, as there are some very good initiatives in the area already.
The adults we are aiming at are those who for various reasons such as low esteem, lack of confidence, mental
DEVONSHIRE WEST BIG LOCAL Community Grants – Application form
health issues, low income, have no previous formal art training, are interested in developing or learning new skills,
people who are curious but need inviting in.
The costs for participants will be kept minimal, £2 a session.
Materials will be provided and refreshments.
It will also provide opportunities for DC educators to work together in new collaborations, as the course will be run by
Lucy Dean with additional educators for particular sessions.
Over the summer we will run a course of 6 workshops, potentially filling a void for many at a time when term time
adult activities come to an end.
As soon as possible we will do outreach work to make contact with 6 organisations in the area who have contact
with the client group we have identified above, and organise taster sessions in those locations. So that we can
invite people to join the 12 week course in September.
The 12 week course of workshops will run on Tuesday mornings. Structured so that each session works as a stand
alone event, but the whole 12 workshops give a coherent introduction to various arts techniques. Building on the
interests and needs of the attendees. The workshops will therefore work for drop in clients as well as those keen to
follow the whole course.
Potentially at the end of the course we would hope to have introduced people to the opportunities of other courses
and classes either organised by Devonshire Collective or elsewhere in the area as appropriate.
We will also organise a weekend sharing event, inviting the original organisations where we did the taster sessions and
other groups that we may have identified, as well as the workshop students and any guests they would like to

English 4 All

We would like to provide free English language lessons to people in the community who don’t speak English as their first language.  This will be done in weekly sessions at the Seaside Community Hub in an informal/café style so that people feel comfortable and are given the opportunity to make new friends and learn to enjoy conversational English.

Part of the project will include time for a refreshments and light lunch so they can learn more about the type of food that is available in the town and feel more confident about trying local cuisine.

We will also create a weekly blog for people who are unable to leave their home either because they don’t yet feel confident yet, lack of mobility for the elderly residents or those needing to be at home to look after children or elderly parents.



Friends of Seaside Rec

To allow people of all ages to enjoy a great fun packed day of live music and children’s games along with annual dog show and artisan stalls. Local businesses to the area to show of and sell their product.




We would like to start a new Code Club for children and young people that provides a new learning environment for those interested.

An element of this project will encourage girls to get into the sciences and technology sectors and to even consider pursuing a career in these industries.



Heart Touching Photography

We have been made aware that LGBT people in Eastbourne often feel isolated and often suffer from low self of esteem and poor self-image as there isn’t anywhere where they feel comfortable to socialise with each other or a safe place where they can openly talk about any issues that they have.  

Jo's Portable Art Department (JoPad)

Jo Neary will give 4 performances of her children’s puppet shows, Peg In the Gallery & The Little Home at 3 venues in the DWBL area, in partnership with Devonshire Collective.

Jo starred in the CBBC series “So Awkward” as Mrs Jones and has made many successful shows for children in recent years. She is also a nationally recognised comedian, based in Eastbourne, with a regular night at DC and The Lamb pub.

Jo recently showed “Peg in the Gallery” in April at DC1 Gallery. “The Little Home” is a new puppet show that will be developed during this project.

This show is designed for children who may have never been to an art gallery or made or created anything before, to join in on creating a show from nothing and discover what they can do. The show is VERY interactive – the participants create the work and help the puppets tell the stories. the show is also entertaining and works even if no one joins in. After doing comedy for years, Jo, the performer is adept at using comedy and improvisation to keep the show moving along.


The environmental version includes puppet making and creating a puppet character.


The show is suitable for all ages, children and adults. Each show is 45 minutes long.

Leaf Hall

To hire a cherry picker plus workman to clear and repair the gutters and down pipes, remove weeds from the parapet wall along the Leaf Hall Road side of the building

Memory Lane

We would like to extend the sessions we offer to a monthly singing session in the Devonshire Ward.

We would have liked to offer more sessions but the committee all voted that we can not extend too much until we have a paid member of staff to co-ordinate new sessions.

At present we provide a singing session at another venue. It is well attended and has a waiting list. We think by starting another session in the Devonshire Ward, it will enable us to grow further in that area and then offer more services.

Seaside Fit

We would like to be able to provide free fit classes, nutritional advice and an opportunity for people to monitor their health including hydration levels after the summer holidays as this is often a time when people look to get back into shape but lack the motivation and knowledge to be able to do so.

With the evenings getting darker and cooler weather it is also often a time when residents tend to stay at home more after their summer holidays and are restricted by affordable child-care to meet other parents.

Our fit classes will be child-friendly in a local place in Devonshire West so that local residents can easily walk to and bring their children. In order to encourage as many people as possible including mums which become quite isolated classes will run in the daytime and also an option in the evening.

Nutritional advice will be both face to face and via an online blog, where articles inspiring people to get active will also be available in order for everyone to learn how to improve their health and get active.

The Hive

Following a successful project (partly funded by DWBL) The members of The Hive were coached and their show was taken into the community – A first!

The project will support the members of The Hive to take a production from concept to final show.  Unlike the previous ‘pilot’ style show, this project will invite other performers to participate and make this a real performance experience.

The members of The Hive will be involved in all aspects of creating a production.  This will include workshops in Making a Storyboard, Song Writing, Costume Design, Prop Making, Social Media and film-making  

There will be a Docu-style short film that will build on ShowBox and Friends.  This film will be produced professionally, credit Devonshire West Big Local and be entered into various Film Festivals,  a lasting legacy for The Hive, Mencap and Devonshire West

Writing our Legacy

“Diverse Sussex: the Stories of Sussex” is a new project that will invite residents to explore Sussex’s diverse heritage and population, through a visual arts exhibition and public arts programme including creative writing/life story, film, music, arts, food and talks.


The first leg of the “tour” is Eastbourne at Devonshire Collective’s DC1 Gallery in November 2018 where we plan to stage a 3-week exhibition.


We propose to run a multi-art form participatory programme of events at DC1 Gallery for local residents that explore themes running through the exhibition. This includes the Beachy Head woman, local Afro-Caribbean hairdressers on Seaside Road and other local diverse communities and businesses.


The programme will include:

  • 2 sessions of face-to-face outreach in the community in early autumn 2018
  • Launch event 8 Nov including AfroCaribbean food & music
  • Weekend for Remembrance Day (10 or 11 Nov), the Sussex legacy – Chattri Memorial and Indian soldiers
  • Artist talk, film & creative writing/life story events

Through the project, we hope to inspire local residents to write their own stories, which will be published as a pamphlet initially. At a later stage in 2019, we would like to publish a Sussex wide book.

We are looking for people to come and join the board.

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    Join us at our monthly Board meeting! Our board members are responsible for ensuring the £1 million Lottery Funding is used for the benefit of the residents who live in Devonshire West. Board meetings are a great opportunity to see if you might like to get involved!